I know…this article could be heresy. Afterall, hot dogs are an American tradition with over 150 million consumed just over the 4th of July weekend alone. But if Americans knew about the preservatives, artificial coloring, fillers, sulfates and other chemicals in most hot dog brands, it’s likely they would make healthier choices. People that are health conscious, likely have the same concern about their pets. Which is why I’m writing today about the range of healthy food choices available for your dog and cat.

1.   Healthy Pet Food Is Not A Cottage Industry

According to Statista.com, U.S. dog food sales at the end of 2015 were $9.5 billion…(cat food sales were $4.9 billion), and growing at a rate of almost 5% over a 4-year period. Of that, natural and organic pet food sales represents approximately $4.2 billion (in 2013) and growing. Though the year to year stats are not directly comparable, by any measurement…that’s a lot of pet food. And when you consider the share of healthy pet food sales…it represents compelling evidence that more and more people understand that healthy choices improve the health, longevity and happiness of their pets.

2.   A Good Diet Is Key To Good Health.

It’s true for humans and it’s also true for dogs. Each of us has different and varied health issues. From aches and pains due to inflammation, arthritis, old age and more…to skin allergies, food allergies, digestive issues and other ailments, why let your pet suffer if there are readily available dietary remedies? From dry and wet dog foods, supplements, healthy dog treats, etc…there are many all-natural, grain-free, specially formulated products designed to address these types of health issues. While they are marginally more expensive than general market less healthy pet foods, regular use of these alternatives help prevent more frequent veterinary visits and the associated costs. Moreover, all-natural dietary treatments are preferable over drug interventions which typically treat symptoms, not the underlying cause.

At Love’s Pets, we spend a lot of time researching which all-natural, grain-free products are best. Combined with our 30+ years of experience helping caring pet owners improve the lives of their dogs and cats…we know which foods and supplements are right for each customer. That’s why we stock a wide variety of all-natural brands to accommodate every need.

3.   There’s More Than One Dietary Solution.

This is important because sometimes, your dog or cat won’t like the product we recommend to treat any ailment.  So we understand that one solution may be better than another. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new products.  Like our most recent line of dog foods from Forza10.  We import this product from Italy because it’s been scientifically formulated (and approved by the USDA!) to treat a myriad of health issues. We invite you to learn more about these products….click this link for some information we’ve posted on our website.

Love’s Pets is a neighborhood pet store located in Agoura Hills, California serving the communities of Oak Park, , Calabasas, Malibu, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark and the entire Conejo Valley.  The business specializes in helping you keep your dog happy and healthy. The owner, Larry Horn is in the store daily and brings over 30-years of experience serving his customers.