There’s lots of ways to determine if your dog is happy; and many ways to improve your dog’s happiness as well.

Look For The Signs.

Tail wagging is the most obvious sign your dog is happy; so too when they try to lick you. When dogs do that, it shows they’re engaged with you and pleased to be with you. Also, happy dogs are playful, curious, and relaxed.  And happy dogs have healthy appetites; and normal urinary habits & bowel movements. Do they get enough exercise? Is their movement restricted or painful?  Do they lick their paws or scratch themselves frequently?  These are common things to observe about your pet to determine if they’re happy.

Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Happiness.

Dogs are social animals.  So regular interaction with them reinforces the love they have for you (and you for them). So scheduling play time, brushing their coat, taking them to the dog park, and generally including them in your day-to-day activities is a good thing.  Also, dogs have health issues just like people.  Pay attention to their activity level.  If they’re more lethargic than usual, it might be a sign your pet isn’t feeling great?  If it persists, of course, consult a veterinarian.  But sometimes dietary supplements can re-energize your dog. Older dogs get joint pain, just like humans. If they’re limping or obviously hurting, there are dietary supplements to relieve arthritis and reduce inflammation. And dogs get allergies which typically are easily treated with proper diet and nutrition. Grain free, all-natural foods and alternative options like fish-based dog food can relieve allergy related ailments. And be sure to always check your dog for fleas and ticks.  These are not only uncomfortable for your pet, they can cause disease. Proactive flea and tick treatments are readily available and recommended.

Be A Responsible Owner.

Owning a dog is a lot like owning a car. To keep them running in tip top shape, they require care and attention. Unlike a car however, your dog is a living, breathing animal with feelings. How would you feel if you those you loved were complacent about their relationship with you. It’s true we all have other things going on in our lives.  Work, family, friends…etc. So consider that if you can’t be around your dog all the time, find other ways to keep them entertained.  There are lots of toys and dog treats that relieve boredom and that will keep your dog happy and healthy when you’re not there; but so very, very happy to see you when you get home.

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